Babylon Film

Sudan, 3 Otaq (3 rooms), Zardusht Belə Deyərdi (Zardusht would say so) short movies, documentraries and series are the products of Babylon Film team. Mostly concentrated on art and documental sides of fiming, our team has already managed to take part in international film festivals such as Cannes, Berlineta and La Carna. Established by Orkhan Ata (producer) and Babylon Invest, the main objective of Babylon Film is to introduce new trends and taste to the filming industry of Azerbaijan. 

Our works


Film is a modern approach to legend of Ederlezi [prophet Elias]. Getting bored of his acquaintances Elias attemps to suicide. Elias founds himself in a pool of a house in Cannes after suffocating to death in sea near Baku. There is another inhabitant in house -Arthur, who is hiding from mafia. Monotone, unwavering life of Arthur changes after Elias. He wants to use Elias, but changes his mind quickly after Elias saves his life. Having no common points, even no common language, they become friends through their lifestyle.



Orkhan is a youngster searching for his brother. He discovers Zarathustra while searching with his friend and decides to take his last chance. End of the movie is based on viewer audiences fantasy, because actually it never ends. A story happening between Orxan-Zarathustra-brother triangle will trick your mind and keep you searching for symbols while laughing.

T of Generation 

T of Generation is a big documentary journey. This part of journey is a second film of T of Generation documentary trilogy. Film talks about today’s young artist and thinkers who are mostly coming from underground community. We are the Generation of 4 T: Technology, Test, Terror and Trend. We filmed this Generation's artists talking about their art life and how they are seeing the world from Baku. First, we [end of 80s and 90s] are the Generation of Technology. In nowadays world, where we are going to apply for work or university everybody needs to Test us. Everybody wants to guarantee his or her authority. The beginning of 2000s wars ended. Now, we are experiencing the horror of Terror. After the Soviet Union, Trends have become important parts of generation, which this documentary is capturing and trying to explain.