Babylon Agro

The rapid growth of global population drastically increases the demand for food supplies every day. As Babylon Group we target to develop our acitivities in agro sector by implementing a variety of agricultural projects based on new world standards in the region. Babylon Agro is currently operating in the following fields. 


Bol Sufra

Located in the Zira province of Baku and covering 4,4 hecaters of area the Bol Sufra green house field has the capacity of 1000 tones yearly production of vegetables. More than 5 years now, the facility has been producing different sorts of tomato that it exports heavily to local and Russian market. Our goal is to extend the size and capacity of greenhouse in near future and grow a variety of food products.  

Api Delta

Founded in 2014 and based in Gagh province of Zaqatala city in the northern Azerbaijan, this project covers the production of bee farming and production of bee products. It is planned to maintain 2000 bee families in the farm, as well as ensuring the production of products such as honey, propolis, bee milk and other bee products.

            Nearly half of the total 4500-5000 ton of annual consumption of honey products are imported to the country from a variety of countries. Api-Delta aims not only to fill the commercial gap of this business, but also help the development of this area in Azerbaijan by supporting the local farmers, consulting them in farming and business issues, as well as become a private institution that will support the development of bee farming in every level. Our targets are to create our trademark under the name “Vita” which is made 100% of pure substances in organic way, and also export these products abroad.

Shurabad Fishing 

Unfortunately, due to the unbalanced fishing, pollution, increasing food demand the global fishing demands are decreasing rapidly all around the world. In the mean time, with the progress of urbanization in developing world the demand for sea products in the world gives a rise to the fish farming in many countries. By this way, it has been possible to supply the increasing demands and also protecting the bio life of world oceans.

            Likewise, Azerbaijan has not left aside from this process, and with the yearly decrease in fishing from the Caspian sea, had made the fish farming important in our country as well. As Babylon Agro we decided to take part in this development and established a fish hathery and farming in Shurabad, Baku.

            The project is called Shurabad Fishing and covers the total are of 30 hectares of artificial lakes made for fish, with the capacity of growing 35-40 tones of fish carp and sturgoen fish annually. Nevertheless, our 2016-2017 target hiring more professional experts and expanding the lakes to 200 hecaters and increase the size production by largers scales.